Plank De Luxe Extendable Dining Table

Exclusive & Authentic Scandinavian Design

4 Different Extension Poles; Strong Support; Light Appearance


Plank De Luxe – is it as fancy as it sounds? You bet! As one of Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl’s revolutionary modern furniture designs, it is sure to blow your minds away. This piece of designer Scandinavian furniture is essentially a long table plank with a refined frame of stainless steel brushed legs. There is no doubt that the Plank De Luxe Extendable Dining Table would perfectly fit into any modern interior setting. It also consists of 4 different extension poles that can extend to various lengths and be used according to one’s choice. The frame is an unique addition to the table as it gives it a edgier look, giving the impression that it is floating.


An excellent option to pair the Plank De Luxe Extendable Dining Table is with the Navel Collection’s Tiger Chairs.


Naver Collection

Founded in 1995, they have always pursued their desire to create and complete up-to-date furniture collection with respect for the traditional cabinet maker handcraft.


Safety & Warranty Information

The Naver collection proudly provides 2 years of safety and warranty for all their exclusive furniture.


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L 210/240/270/300cm X W 100cm x H 74cm

Material:  Soap Ash, White Oiled Ash, Black Ash, Elm Wood, Walnut



The duo Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are both qualified cabinet makers that are best known for their extravagant collection of extended range of sideboards, China cabinets, coffee chests of drawers and tables.