Cannonball 3 Cluster Cord for Umage Lampshades – White (30% OFF)

Cannonball Canopy for Umage Lampshades

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Price refers to a Ø12 cm x H12 cm Cannonball, with 3 x 250cm Textile Cord for Umage Lampshades, in White

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Inspired by the perfectly round shape of a sphere, the Cannonball is a minimalist canopy created for UMAGE pendant lights. With its timeless design and smooth, alluring feel, this silicone canopy serves a double purpose: a loop-in lighting wiring system and a unique way to decorate the pendant cord.


Umage’s lighting collection features different applications for most of its lighting, and can be set up in your home as a pendant lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamp or ceiling lamp, depending on its available variations. As such, the lighting shades and accessories such as cord kits, wall stand, table / floor tripods are sold separately.



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Umage’s lighting collection emphasises on aesthetics, simplicity and functionality; and developed with traditional craftsmanship and environmental care, resulting in unique and beautiful designs with a sustainable edge.

Ø12 cm x H12 cm Cannonball, with 3 x 250cm Textile Cord for Umage Lampshades, in White


Umage’s design team and Soren Ravn Christensen combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, and infuse it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care.

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