Acorn Pendant Lamp

Minimalistic & Scandinavian Lighting Solutions

Best Selling Design; Iconic


It is easy to see where the Acorn Pendant Lamp got its name from. Boasting organic contours and an understated profile, this minimalistic design is bound for greatness. The connection between the lampshade and the stem is seamless, giving the design a completely smoothened feel. Available in a wide variety of woods, the Acorn Pendant Lamp can adapt itself to many interior settings, both public and private.



Northern, previously known as Northern Lighting, started off as a lighting company. Their success in the business enabled them to expand into the furniture sector in 2018.


Safety & Warranty Information

Northern offers their valued patrons 1 year of warranty for the purchase of their lights.


Illuminate Your Home

The Acorn Pendant Lamp is undeniably a stunning piece of design. However, there is still a plethora of lighting solutions to peruse through in our Pendant Lamp Collection, so why not explore just a bit more?



The Semi Pendant Lamp is the work of Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup, who aimed to rebel against the ‘organic shape’ trend that was prevalent in Danish Design at that time.


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