Bell Pendant Lamp

A Pendant Lamp Inspired by Scandinavian Nature

Available as a pendant or table lamp; Looks good individually and in a cluster


The bell pendant lamp designed by Andres Lund & Jacob Rudbeck is a robust and elegant. The distinguishable features include the design of the gathering between the cord and lamp having space to unfold and the white inner side that reflects light. This modern Scandinavian lamp would be a great addition to your room as it is truly a contemporary creation.


Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a trailblazer in the world of Scandinavian furniture design. Since 1999, they have become an international brand and have created several award-winning products.


Safety & Warranty Information

Normann Copenhagen offers a period of 24 months to report defects and a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.


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Available in Grey, White, Black and sand.



Andres Lund & Jacob Rudbeck want to pass on the Scandinavian design tradition and create everyday objects that have personality without being loud