Flachmann Pendant Lamp

A Scandinavian & Modern Lighting Solution

Available in three neutral shades


The classic Flachmann Pendant Lamp is exquisite in its simplicity. No matter the theme, a Flachmann is likely able to complement it with ease. Change the bulbs up every now and then and you’ll get a completely different mood and look.



Bolia is an up and coming designer furniture company that is on a never-ending mission to discover great designs. Their products have a contemporary edge to them and are perfect for the modern family. Each design is highly customisable so it is almost impossible to not find what you desire for your interior furnishings.


Safety & Warranty Information

Bolia’s confidence in the quality of their designs allows them to offer their customers a 5 year warranty on their products. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.


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Is the Flachmann Pendant Lamp not what you’re looking for? Don’t worry as there are a plethora of other elegant pendant lamps in our Lighting Collection.

Ø26 cm
Available in Steel-Black, Grey and White



For the Kaschkasch design duo, good design is when it feels like it's never been any different. They have adopted a no-frills policy for all their designs, allowing them to create simple and uncomplicated designs.


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