Ripple Pendant Lamp

A Pendant Lamp Inspired by Scandinavian Nature

Minimalist Design; Comes in three different shapes


Love the undulating waves that caress our shores? Then choose the Ripples lampshade, a design that embodies all that and more. It champions Nordic beauty, which is as timeless as it is gorgeous. If you think it is made of thin, flimsy material, then think again. With its silicone layer, the Ripple Pendant Lamp is as unbreakable as they come. It comes in three different shapes – Slope, Cusp and Curve.



Taking the extra mile to create beautiful and sustainable furniture and lighting design is what Scandinavian company, Umage, is known for and does best.


Safety & Warranty Information

All furniture pieces purchased from Umage come with a warranty of 12 months. This warranty covers any manufacturing or material defects.


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Curve Ø 15cm x H 20cm
Cusp Ø 15cm x H 21cm
Slope Ø 15cm x H 19cm


Bulb: E26, Max 15W LED
Material: Silicone & Polycarbonate



This exquisite pendant lamp was designed by Soren Ravn Christensen of the Umage Design Team.