Scheisse Pendant Lamp

Minimalistic & Scandinavian Lighting Solutions

Unique lamp shade crafted from aluminium shards; Bold yet functional


The Scheisse Pendant Lamp is a bold statement piece. This sizable pendant lamp is made in a shape of a traditional light bulb but exudes visual impact through the many pieces of aluminium shards strategically places around the bulb to appear as if its is exploding outwards. Every individual piece of matte off-white aluminium piece is held in place by metal rods and helps reflect light by projecting it downward. The Scheisse Pendant Lamp frequently reminds many of Pop Art and its quirky design is a perfect mix of art and considered industrial design. Gone are the days of boring traditional light bulbs, illuminate your living spaces with this lamp today!



Northern Lighting is a Norwegian furniture design company that is known for their laid-back luxury and contemporary edge style.


Safety & Warranty Information

All furniture pieces purchased from Northern Lighting come with a warranty of 12 months. This warranty covers any manufacturing or material defects.


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Norwegian Industrial Designer Hans Bleken Rud created the iconic Scheisse Lamp in 2008 and currently works as a lighting designer for Glamox A/S.