012 Coffee Table

Scandinavian Design At Its Best

Wide variety of materials; Minimalistic


Juul 012 is one of the brand’s newest side tables. It is a continuation of Danish Design, where great materials and discrete materials enable it to stand far above others. Juul has opted to offer the side table in glass, granite and marble as they typically contrast well against the materials that are commonly found in homes – wood, leather and textiles.


The Juul 012 Coffee Table can be customised in a variety of ways. Aside from the table top’s material, size and shape, one can also choose how it stands. Do download the infosheet in the spectifications tab to learn more!


The 012 Coffee Table has been designed to resist daily wear and tear and demonstrate the best patination. The wide variety of materials it comes in allows the homeowner to easily blend the table with their chosen furnishings.


The 012 Coffee Table is a minimalistic wonder that goes well with other classic sofas, such as the 953 Sofa by Juul.



Juul is the sister company of Eilersen, which is well known for creating exquisite sofas. Thus, creating stunning coffee tables that pair well with their sofas is the next natural step in their business.



Safety & Warranty Information

Juul offers a 5 year warranty on the 012 Coffee Table. This warranty covers the frame of the coffee table.



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Claus Simonsen, an experienced architect and founder of Generous design, is the mastermind behind the 012 Coffee Table. He believes that great design requires generosity and that is what he aims to add to the design business.