Corona Classic Lounge Chair

A Symphony in Scandinavian Design

Iconic Design; Mimics Human Spine


The Corona was unquestionably functionalist architect Poul M. Volther’s greatest design. The Corona Lounge Chair is an elegant minimalist design, featuring four fully padded rounded shells and 2 steel strips running through the middle, mimicking the human spine. The inspiration for the Corona however, came from the wreath or corona that can be seen around the sun during a full solar eclipse. This beautiful chair gorgeously demonstrates Volther’s sense of detail and high level of craftsmanship.


Need a side table to place that half-finished books or your mug and snacks? Lounge around in the comfy Corona Lounge Chair and the Insula Coffee Table. You’re bound to have hours of relaxation that you’ll thank yourself for.


Erik Jørgensen

Established in 1954 in Denmark, Erik Jørgensen aims to create designs with good craftsmanship that are long lasting. Since then, the brand has manufactured many Scandinavian iconic designs, including the Corona Lounge Chair.


Safety & Warranty Information

Erik Jørgensen’s furniture designs are renowned for their quality and durability. Purchased products come with a 5 year warranty, which covers material and manufacturing defects.


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W 88cm x D 82cm H 97cm

Legs: Matte Chrome Spring Steel
Cushion: Molded Polyurethane Foam

Available in a variety of fabric and leather upholstery options.



The late Danish Poul M. Volther was a respected functionalist architect and designer. His legacy lives on in his most known design - the Corona.