Davenport Outdoor Modular Sofa

Modern Designs For Your Patio

Waterproof Fabric; Seamless appearance


The Davenport Outdoor Modular Sofa is everything you’d wish for in a sofa – durable, waterproof, modular and highly customisable. What’s more? The Davenport is one of the few outdoor Sofas that can be shifted for indoor settings as well. The innovative design of the Davenport Outdoor Modular Sofa is the right choice for spontaneous summer night parties with your family and friends. Move them indoors when you’re ready for a more intimate and cosy setting.


The Davenport Collection also features a comfy Lounge Chair and an attachable Side Table. Why not complete your Sofa set with these perfectly complementary outdoor furniture pieces?



Diphano transforms every space into a haven of relaxation and elegant wellbeing, providing ample room for your personal touch. They aim to create gorgeous designer outdoor furniture that are entirely functional, durable and easy-to-maintain.


Safety & Warranty Information

Diphano proudly presents 12 months of warranty on all their furniture.


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Diphano Design Team always produces their furniture with outstanding craftsmanship to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.