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Upholstered in Nature #26 Fabric group 3, Grey
Includes fully removable covers

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Length: 340cm
Depth: 105cm
Seating Height: 39cm


Jens Juul Eilersen designed the Dacapo Sofa.

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Jens Juul Eilersen


Eilersen upholds a Scandinavian design philosophy that is strongly characterized by minimalism, functionality and character. On top of that, we aim to fabricate and offer an exclusive range of Nordic designs that not only revitalizes the lifestyle and environment of the possessor but adds more to them as well.


Quality can’t be tested online. It’s even difficult to test it in a store. True quality reveals itself after years of use. Eilersen combines the best materials with a proud tradition for craftsmanship in every product we make. Their durability speaks its own clear language.

Eilersen at Danish Design Co Singapore

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