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4 Piece Set:

  • Large Seat, Upholstered in Seal Brown Laminated Fabric
  • Movable Backrest Right Corner, Greige
  • Movable Backrest Small, Greige
  • Trapezium Seat, Seal Brown

Frame: Powder Coated Aluminium


*Special promotion is only applicable to this display item. 

  • Large Seat with R/L backrest: W205cm X D100cm X H67cm
  • Small Seat with backrest: W100cm X D100cm X H67cm
  • Trapezium Seat with backrest: W60cm X D100cm X H67cm


*Available in two colours


The talented Diphano Design Team consists of a group of designers who aim to bring you the best outdoor furniture possible. All Diphano products are known to be durable and of the highest quality.

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Diphano Design Team


Diphano aims to bring the indoor outdoors. Their goal is to create outdoor furniture that can complement your interior while retaining its durability.

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