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From $5,561 $12,358

Back Unit with Armrest
Upholstered in Austin, Brown

*Special promotion is only applicable to this display item. 

Length: 124cm
Depth: 94cm
Seating Height: 44cm


Bolia designed the Cosy Sofa.

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Bolia Design Team


Bolia is not merely a furniture manufacturer. It is a design firm that places the highest value on originality. Their creations are novel, full of character, and stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of options, and you’ll probably fall in love with one of them soon.


Handmade pieces made of high-quality materials like solid wood, metals, marble, leather, wool, and, most importantly, love are produced by their suppliers in Denmark and Europe. Positive about the nature of their work, Bolia offers their benefactors a long term guarantee on the entirety of their items. The designers’ visions were brought to life with every ounce of effort, resulting in works of art that sell for unbelievable sums.

Bolia at Danish Design Co Singapore

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