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Price reflects a 2-seater sofa in starting fabric

Cushions made in One Single Soft Piece


A series of sofas, armchairs and poufs, the Paste Sofa offers an elegant yet contrasting design language. The sleek frame is highlighted by the soft curved cushions to create an inviting sense of comfort. The cushions of the sofa are kept in one single soft piece, and the back cushion is zipped to the frame to ensure that the cushions stay in place. Its elegant design and functional details extends the life of this sofa and gives one flexible design options as they are moved about in different spaces or homes.


Beautify Your Living Room


The Paste Sofa is a contemporary delight! Why not continue this exciting journey of furnishing your home according to your design tastes and discover other wonderful designs from our Floor Lamp, Lounge Chair, and New Modern Sofa Collections!


Available in Various Sofa Sizes

2 seater – W180 x D84 x H76 cm

2.5 seater – W210 x D84 x H76 cm

3 seater – W240 x D84 x H76 cm

3 seater with chaise lounge (right/left) – W270 x D160 x H76 cm

3.5 seater with chaise lounge (right/left) – W300 x D160 x H76 cm

4 seater with chaise lounge (right/left) – W330 x D160 x H76 cm

Footstool – W68 x D48 x H42 cm

Pouf (small) – W70 x D90 x H42 cm

Pouf (large) – W90 x D90 x H42 cm

Seat Height – 42 cm

Seat Depth – 60 cm

Lounge Width – 90 cm

Lounge Seat Depth – 130cm

View all options here: Paste Sofa Infosheet

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Böttcher & Kayser is a design studio based in Berlin, exploring all aspects of furniture, lighting and interior design. They believe that great design should challenge the conventional and mundane, and so their design goal is to create simple yet original designs that solve complex problems with an innovative and functional approach.

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Bolia Designer Böttcher & Kayser


Scandinavian brand Bolia is known for its contemporary and innovative designs that are in accordance to the highest safety and quality standards. Bolia abstains from chemicals and harmful materials that have long-term adverse effects to both humans and the environment and are fastidious when it comes to selecting raw materials.

Bolia at Danish Design Co Singapore

Bolia offers a 5-year warranty on all their furniture, which covers defects in function, manufacturing, or materials, but excludes the product’s surface. The warranty is valid on items purchased for non-commercial use only, starting from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover defects caused by general wear and tear, improper usage and product care, or accidental damage. Danish Design Co supports any final decisions made by Bolia on any warranty claims.

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