Noora Sofa

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Endless Possibilities; Uncompromising Comfort


The Noora Sofa is the ultimate starting point for your creative expression. Designed to be modular, it’s up to you to mix and match the units however you see fit for your space. A classic and timeless look, it fits into any interior design and any space, big or small. The Noora’s solid construction and exceptional comfort awaits you for a proper lounge and rest.


The Noora Sofa’s robust design is available in 2 units, 3 units, 4 units, 5 units and other customisable dimensions.



Scandinavian brand Bolia is known for its contemporary and innovative designs that are in accordance to the highest safety and quality standards. Bolia abstains from chemicals and harmful materials that have long-term adverse effects to both humans and the environment and are fastidious when it comes to selecting raw materials.



Safety & Warranty Information

As with all Bolia products, this sofa is safe and chemical free, thanks to the brand’s strict compliance with EU REACH’s standards. Bolia proudly gives a 5-year warranty for all their furniture.

Dimensions (W x D x H)

2 Units: 250 x 107 x 80 cm

2 Units: 290 x 127 x 80 cm

3 Units: 265 x 265 x 80 cm

3 Units: 350 x 127 x 80 cm

4 Units: 235 x 275 x 80 cm

5 Units: 245 x 375 x 80 cm

5 Units: 305 x 305 x 80 cm


Additional units are available to customise height, depth and width.








The Bolia Design Team is a talented group of international designers who create modern and contemporary furniture for your homes. They pride themselves creating products with good design that does not break the bank.



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