Fatty Sofa

The Epitome of Scandinavian Design

Available in Fabric & Leather; Elegant Appearance With Both Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Modules


A descendant of the Baseline Sofa, one of Jens Juul Eilersen’s greatest successes. The Fatty Sofa was born out of Eilersen’s sketchbook when he returned to his drawing table and re-innovated the sofa that skyrocketed the brand to international recognition. This time, Eilersen designed Fatty to be just a shell. Starting from a wide, low back, armrests and a deep seat. Whatever the customer wants to add on and turn it into eventually is entirely up to them to decide.


As with the Baseline, Fatty boasts a wide armrest suitable for placing items from trays to books, or just to be used as a simple headrest. This sofa however, looks anything but bulky. Eilersen designed this sofa with a constant attention to elegance and gracefulness, making it best placed in the middle of a room. A sofa made for the limelight. He knew perfectly how to build the sofa to appear compact yet spacious, despite its size and its many cushions. And he knew very well to build a base of solid Scandinavian pine, upholstered with stable foam of different degrees of stiffness to prevent the sofa from losing its shape and comfort.

Many of Jens Juul Eilersen’s have constantly pushed the boundaries of comfort and quality. This Scandinavian Sofa is no exception.


This sofa pairs well with the Spider Coffee Table and the Wheel Footstool.


The Fatty is available in the following configurations: 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa & above, L shaped sofa and sofa with open end.



Eilersen has become the household name for luxury and exceptional quality. Since its founding in 1895, Eilersen has continued to produce significant masterpieces throughout the century. Today, we know the brand as the industry leader for luxury sofas. All Eilersen sofa covers are removable.


Safety & Warranty Information

We offer a 5 year guarantee to cover frame, spring and cushion fillings. Materials used to craft this Scandinavian Sofa are non-toxic and safe.


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Fatty Sofa Infosheet

Sofa: Solid Pine Wood, Duck Down & More
Sofa Cover: A Wide Range Of Quality Fabric Or Premium Leather



The Fatty Sofa was designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Eilersen in the year 2016. It was launched at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.



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