Dedal Shelves

Modern & Luxurious Shelving Unit

Available in many colours


The Mategot Dedal Shelves was designed in 1955 and became a groundbreaking innovation that introduced Rigitulle – a technique that featured the combination of metal tubing and a perforated metal sheet. The Dedal shelf was designed in a graphical shape that can be grouped and placed with one another to form an infinite number of geometric patterns. The Dedal Shelves come in 8 beautiful colours and can be combined to form colourful formations.


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Gubi offers a 2-year warranty on any purchased product. This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects.


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W 89cm x D 19.5cm x H 48.5cm


Frame: Midnight Black, Rainy Grey, Venetian Gold, Shy Cherry, White Cloud, Dusty Green, Rose, Sand



Mathieu Mategot was a Hungarian architect, designer and artist who designed over 400 furniture designs during the 1950s and 60s. He is credited for finding Rigitulle - a technique where metal tubing is combined with perforated metal sheets.


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