System Cado Shelving System

Modern & Luxurious Shelving Unit

Customisable components


The System Cado Shelving System was designed in 1960 by Poul Cadovius and utilises solid wood to create a storage solution that could be mounted on the walls, leaving more space in the room. The rustic charm of System Cado is sure to appeal to any lover of organic furniture.


If you love the System Cado Shelving System, why not check out Poul Cadovius’ other iconic shelving system – the Royal Shelving System.



Dk3 is a Danish furniture company who celebrates traditional Nordic wood craftsmanship. All products purchased from dk3 come with a 6 months right of claim.

Wall panel W 80cm x D 1.6cm x H 205/300 cm
Shelf W 80cm x D 24/30cm x H 1.9cm
Cabinets (sliding doors, drawers, writing or bar flap) W 80cm x D 38cm x H 42.4 cm
Workstation only available with cabinet w/ writing/bar flap


Material: Oak, Smoked Oak, Walnut (Oil or Soap surface treatment)



The late iconic Danish designer Poul Cadovius was a well known giant in the history of Danish furniture design. He’s most known for his Shelving systems that integrated various materials such as fibreglass and wood.


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