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Refine your workspace and improve your work efficacy with our exclusive office furniture. We heartily recommend our collection of desks and office chairs!

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Here at Danish Design, we understand the modern workspace needs you have and we’re prepared to cater to them all. We offer a selection of Height Adjustable Desks, Office Desks and Chairs, Table Lamps, Bookcases & Shelves for all your organisational and storage needs. Whether at home or for commercial use, the right layout and workspace furniture helps you work smarter to work better.

For adults, the workplace is also where we spend majority of our waking hours. This is especially the case for hardworking Singaporeans, who are known to have one of the longest working hours in the world. This means that it is all the more important to have a set of comfortable workplace furniture. By purchasing the right set of workplace furniture, one can potentially receive health benefits, such as reduced fatigue. One such example is the Height Adjustable Desk, which allows users to alternate between standing and sitting positions throughout the work day.


Our Workspace Brands

 All our workspace furniture combine functionality with architectural elements of design inspired by Nordic traditions. Renowned Scandinavian brands such as Holmris, House of Finn Juhl, Montana, Naver Collection, Fredericia, Gubi, Andersen Furniture and String are sure to know and provide you with the best.

If you space you have available is of an awkward shape, we would most definitely recommend String or Montana. These two brands are highly customisable and because of this, you can purchase workplace furniture that fits into the space instead of the other way around.


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