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Height Adjustable Desks

Refine your workspace and improve your work efficacy with our exclusive office furniture! We heartily recommend our collection of Height Adjustable Desks!


FROM $3,060.00

Designed by Nils Strinning for String

FROM $7,420.00 $5,194.00

Designed by Søren Rose Studio for Holmris B8

Adjustable Height Workstations

Our Danish-made height adjustable desks make moving from sitting to standing an easy transition throughout your work day, helping to create an engaged, active and productive workspace for your home study or commercial offices. These electric-powered desks are fitted with cable management systems to keep unsightly wires at bay and maintain a clean, sleek look for you to work better.  Our ergonomic height adjustable desks from Holmris, Montana and String can also be customized in different sizes and come with accessories to suit all your needs.


Our Height Adjustable Desks are particularly popular in recent months as they offer great health benefits for everyone, including you. Height Adjustable Desks enable the user to alternate between standing and sitting. This reduces chronic injuries, which is common when someone stays in one place for too long. By alternating between such positions, it also helps to reduce fatigue levels.

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