Dux 8008 Bed

Fusion of Sleep Science & Luxury

Iconic Collection

From $25,922

Price includes a 160 x 200cm European Queen Bed with Top Pad and Legs

If you are seeking DUX’s most luxurious and technologically advanced bed, you have found it. The DUX® 8008 is the result of more than nine decades of research and development, bringing you comfort that you have only found in your dreams.


This dreamy bed has nearly four times as many springs as the average bed and has more customisation options than all other beds in the market. Thanks to the numerous layers of the DUX spring system, which comprises of thousands of interconnected and dynamically interacting springs, the 8008 offers unparalleled deep suspension.


The six Pascal cassettes within are organised according to the body’s three zones of comfort: legs, hips and shoulders. Each zone can be filled with a soft, medium or firm cassette, thus adapting to suit the sleeper’s individual needs. For maximum relief and recovery, the DUX 8008 offers lumbar support as well, which can also be individualised. With these three DUX innovations, it is hardly a surprise that DUX has created a bed that provides unbeatable comfort.


Our Duxiana Beds are highly customisable and available in various sizes. This includes but is not limited to: Single, Small Double, Double, King and Super King. Please note that these are in European bed sizes. Enhance the luxury in your bedroom with our designer nightstands, table lamp and mirrors

Available in various sizes


W80cm x L200/210/220cm

W90cm x L200/210/220cm

W105cm x L200/210/220cm

W120cm x L200/210/220cm

W140cm x L200/210/220cm

W160cm x L200/210/220cm

W180cm x L200/210/220cm

W210cm x L200/210/220cm

Customise your Dux bed by selecting from

– over 30 different mattress sizes

– 8 different bed leg designs available in various wood finish, leather, or stainless steel

– a wide range of headboard designs with upholstery available in a plethora of fabric or leather options

– optional accessories such as bed linens, bed skirts, base covers, pillows and more


Visit our showroom to experience the Dux bed and to view material samples.


The Duxiana Design Team is dedicated to the science and art of helping you sleep better. They understand the importance of good sleep and how much of an impact it can have on one’s life.

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DUXIANA is the exclusive home of the DUX Bed and for over 90 years, they have studied ways to blend the science of sleep with the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Duxiana at Danish Design Co Singapore

DUX produces luxurious, comfortable beds of the highest quality, and grants a pro-rata 20-year warranty that covers defects in workmanship and material.


  • First 5-year warranty: Should a breakage occur in the frame or spring system during the first five years after purchase, DUX will replace your mattress with a brand new one.


  • Within 6-20 years during the warranty period: Should a breakage occur in the frame or spring system from the sixth to the twentieth year (included) after the date of purchase, DUX will exchange your mattress with a new one at a charge based on the number of years you have owned the mattress.


If the breakage occurred during the sixth year after your purchase, you would be charged 5/20 of the then current retail price. Then, the charge goes up by 1/20 per year up to and until the twentieth year after purchase when the replacement cost would accordingly be 19/20 of the retail price for that year.


The warranty does not cover general wear and tear, any imperfections on the product’s surface, defects caused by improper usage and product care, or accidental damage. Should a breakage occur in the frame or spring system of a model no longer being manufactured by DUX, the service and warranty agreement shall apply to a comparable model. Danish Design Co supports any final decisions made by DUX on any warranty claims.

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