Iconic Designer Furniture Brands from Scandinavia

Danish Design Co is an exclusive retailer of a large number of Scandinavian designer furniture brands here in Singapore. These iconic brands offer luxury furniture pieces that hold years of craftsmanship and tradition and are a classic for a reason.


Our designer furniture pieces are known to unite design and functionality. Crafted by skilled furniture craftsmen in Europe, these luxurious pieces are bound to meet the high standards of quality-conscious Singaporeans. We have compartmentalise the beautiful aristocratic furniture brands into two absolute exquisite collections: The Iconic Collection introducing the distinctive exorbitance furniture design and the young and professional vibes covered among The New Modern Collection.


Famous Brands

The famous brands we represent boast a wide range of approaches in the art of design. Some constantly innovate, ushering in new and quirky models up to twice a year. Others are more conservative and focused on refining classic models that have already proven to be successful. However, both share the same goal – to create quality and practical furniture pieces for you.

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