The Pregnancy Mattress that Adapts: DUXIANA

Duxiana Pregnancy Mattress - Danish Design Co Singapore

April 19, 2018

How does pregnancy affect sleep?

During pregnancy, your body changes dramatically. The sleeping position you find eventually find yourself in may not be the one you are used to. In addition to this, depending on how your pregnancy progresses, this may not be a one-time occurrence. In order to feel comfortable, you may need to explore and experiment with various sleeping positions.


Why is sleep important during pregnancy?

Sleep is never not important. However, pregnancy is a whole different ball game. Research has suggested that poor sleep during pregnancy is linked to birth complications such as low birth weight, pre-term birth, longer births and the higher likelihood of cesarean section deliveries. Clearly, obtaining sufficient sleep while pregnant should be paramount.


How does the world’s best pregnancy mattress, DUXIANA, help?

The luxurious DUX bed is designed to adapt as you change. This is made possible with its patented Pascal® Cassette System (seen below), which involves three changeable cassettes that will lie beneath your head, shoulders and hips. As your body changes during pregnancy, you can switch out the cassettes and tailor the bed’s firmness levels to what you and your body desires. The ingenious mechanism behind this pregnancy mattress allows your spine to remain in its most natural position during sleep, allowing for maximum rejuvenation and recovery.


Pregnancy can also lead to the onset of more frequent back pain. With this luxury bed’s ingenious component system, some of this back pain can be alleviated.




Sleeping Position Tips

During pregnancy, your chosen sleeping position matters. The wrong position can often lead to back pain, shortness of breath of even heartburn. In addition, your growing abdomen puts new and different pressures on your various body parts, leading to occasional aches.


When possible, do avoid sleeping on your back or stomach when you are pregnant. Instead, try sleeping on your side. While you are at risk of putting your spine out of alignment in such cases, a luxury bed with a reactive system, like the DUXIANA, will be beneficial.


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