Jeppe Utzon #1 Extendable Dining Table

Scandinavian Design - Where Form Follows Function

Wide Range Of Sizes; Minimizes Natural Movements


The Jeppe Utzon #1 Extendable Dining Table is a work of art by the legendary Jeppe Utzon himself. This piece of Scandinavian design is perfect for those who seek comfort and luxury. The modern table can be used for a multitude of events, family gatherings and office meetings. Also, with its simplicity and detail oriented design encrusted onto the sleek surface of table, it blends into many modern interior settings. There is a discrete steel cable that can be adjusted with a wrench to achieve stability as well.


If you are looking to pair the Jeppe Utzon #1 Extendable Dining Table with dining chairs, the Trinidad Chair would be a elegant touch to this modern dining table.



DK3 has the vision to unite impeccable craftsmanship traditions with modern and classic interior aesthetics to seek new horizons.


Safety & Warranty Information

DK3 has a 6 months right of claim on all their classic and exquisite furnitures. This claim overs all manufacturing and material defects.


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L 160-300 cm/ W 95 cm/ H 72 cm


Material available: Wild Oak, Wild Walnut

Surface Treatments Available: Oiled, White Oiled

Leg: Solid Wood



Jeppe Utzon, a well renowned Danish designer, has received plaudit on an international level for his work as an architect and designer. He believes in allowing detail and totality to work together in an unified manner to create impeccable furniture.