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The S1 Sideboard is an expertly crafted piece of furniture. The excellent carpentry is revealed through its lack of hinges, handles, metal rails or bearings. The visible dowelling further showcases Andersen Furniture’s craftsmanship that can only be derived from many years of cabinetmaking. With doors and cabinets that slide with ease, the S1 Sideboard is the ideal storage solution for your home or commercial space. The S1 Sideboard is entirely customisable, allowing one to pick the colour of the cabinet door from a wide range of options. You can even purchase them separately as when you require them or need them switched out. They are highly intuitive and can be easily installed yourself.


The warm, earthy S1 Sideboard can even be used to serve breakfast or quick meals when you’re rushing off to work or school. Couple them with an comfortable armchair like the Ox Lounge Chair by Erik Jørgensen and you’ve got yourself a makeshift dining area!


Andersen Furniture

Danish company Andersen Furniture holds over a century’s worth of cabinetmaking tradition. They are passionate about excellent craftsmanship and aim to create furniture pieces with classic and timeless designs that last through the years.


Safety & Warranty Information

When you own an Andersen Furniture piece, you know they’re made with years of craftsmanship and are of the highest quality. All purchased products come with 2 years of warranty that covers manufacturing and material defects.


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Looking to find a way to store your personal belongings around the house? We’ve got a great range of sideboards – from classic to quirky designs! Keeping your space organised and neat need not be a difficult task. Check out our full collection of Storage furniture, the perfect solutions that can help.

L 200cm x D 50cm x H68cm
*These dimensions include the plinth, 4 doors and 4 shelves


Doors: Laminate (Alpino, Capri, Clementine, Dali, Dark Chocolate, Diamond Black, Doeskin, Iron, Ocean Grey, Pale Gold, Pale Olive, Silver)


Cabinet: Solid Wood (Oak White-oil, Oak Oil, Oak Smoked Oil, Oak Soap, Black, Walnut)



Danish design company ByKato was established by Karl Rosell and Tonny Glismand. This award winning team is committed to designing modern and functional furniture that seamlessly fit into your daily lifestyles.



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