Plano Sofa

The Epitome of Scandinavian Design

Available in Fabric & Leather; Removable Back Cushions; Works as a Chaise Lounge


One of Eilersen’s lightest and most airy sofa – the Plano is Jens Eilersen’s take on the traditional lounger sofa. As the large majority of modern lounger sofas are getting increasingly heavier, it was Eilersen’s goal to challenge that norm. Lo and behold, the Scandinavian lounger sofa was born.


Similarly to the Drop Sofa, the Plano’s 16.5 cm high steel legs gives the impression that the sofa to seem to be floating on air. The other parts of the sofa do not escape Eilersen’s attention to detail as well. The armrests and backrests are thinned to just 7 cm wide to add to the sofa’s light look, yet it does not compromise in terms of strength. The Plano is just as durable as any other Eilersen sofa.


With functionality in mind, Eilersen has designed the Scandinavian sofa with removable back cushions such that you are able to move them freely as you wish. Use them as a pillow when you are reading a book lying down, or put them up when you are watching the TV. The modular nature of the sofa also allows it to fit into any room regardless of size. This means that the sofa works perfectly as a single chaise lounge.


If you are looking for a highly versatile sofa, the Plano might just be the best you can find!


This sofa pairs well with the Spider Coffee Table, Birdy Floor Lamp and the Club Rug.


The Plano is available in the following configurations: 2 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa, 4 seater sofa and above, L shaped sofa and sofa with open end.



The name Eilersen is seen by many as the premier sofa manufacturer. That does not come as a surprise as the company has been in the industry for more than a century. Throughout the years it has designed and delivered some of the world’s most iconic luxury sofas. The quality and durability of an Eilersen sofa is unrivalled. All Eilersen sofa covers are removable.


Safety & Warranty Information

We offer a 5-year guarantee to cover frame, spring and cushion fillings. Materials used to craft this Scandinavian Sofa are non-toxic and safe.


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The Plano Sofa is designed by Jens Juul Eilersen for Eilersen.



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