If you are in search of the best bed in Singapore, your search has reached its end. At Danish Design Co, we represent the designer and luxury bed brand from faraway Sweden, Duxiana. The legendary DUX bed is the result of over 90 years of arduous scientific research. Hence, it is unlike several other luxury beds or mattresses on the market. This revolutionary luxury bed has been designed to become a vehicle for well-being, where correct sleep posture and deeper sleep are the ultimate goals. The moment where you slip into slumber is the only time where your body can repair, rebuild and restore itself. In addition, due to Duxiana’s ingenious in-built sleep technology, individuals who suffer from back aches or pains, sport injuries, are pregnant or simply find it difficult to fall asleep, will benefit immensely. DUX High Performance Sleep Systems let you experience the rest and relief you need and deserve.


We believe the DUX Bed is the best bed and best mattress in the world. The use of highest grade materials, all chosen for their performance characteristics, makes the DUX bed the last luxury mattress you’ll ever need to purchase.


The DUX Difference

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