Showcasing the very best of Scandinavian Design.

Danish Design represents authentic designer furniture from iconic designers by the likes of Borge Mogensen, Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl. Our curated collection from Scandinavia’s premier design houses embodies exceptional quality, considered design and time-honoured craftsmanship by skilled hands.


Mastering Your Interior Symmetry with Designer Furniture (1)

Mastering Your Interior: Symmetry with Designer Furniture

Luxury furniture often look gorgeous from every possible angle. Unfortunately, finding the right placement within a space filled with other equally breathtaking pieces can be quite the challenge. Here, we…

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The Designer Bed Hotels Trust Be On Vacation Everyday

The Designer Bed Hotels Trust: Be On Vacation Everyday

In Singapore, hopping onto a plane and speeding towards a faraway place is often seen as the ultimate getaway. Given how much Singaporeans work, it is more than understandable that…

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Designer Furniture Icons: France Chair in Walnut

One of Finn Juhl’s iconic designer furniture pieces, the France Chair, is now available in walnut. Read on to discover the history of the company behind this marvel and the…

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