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Bring Scandinavian luxury into your home with Danish Design Co's collection of luxurious furniture! With different decor styles, you'll certainly find stunning designs to adorn your home with.

At Danish Design Co, we offer different styles of designer furniture for you to show off your personal taste! Get to know which style suits you and your interior design setting the best.



In recent years, the mid-century furniture style (or mid-century modern) has become increasingly mainstream for a variety of reasons. First, it is a style that lives in both the past and the present. Mid-century furniture designs utilize sleek lines with familiar organic shapes, tapered legs and incorporate wood elements resulting in furniture pieces with timeless appeal. While many mid-century modern pieces were designed in the 1950s and 60s, some of these furniture designs are even more popular now than they had been decades ago.



The industrial furniture style has been of a growing trend recently. The Industrial home design style was originally inspired by real factory spaces and has become increasingly popular, particularly among men. When done right with some finesse, it can definitely transform into a place with lots of life and be universally enchanting.

This style of interior design proudly displays the building materials involved and utilizes them thoughtfully to create a raw, unfinished look that serves both function and style. Metal piping, rustic wooden pieces, or even brick detailing are tell-tale characteristics of a home inspired by an industrial style. An industrial house design typically has neutral tones and utilitarian objects – many leaning towards having wooden or metal surfaces. Vintage furniture and metal light fixtures are the statement decor pieces in giving a place that “warehouse” look.



The luxe furniture style, as its name suggests, is a sophisticated style with a modern twist. This extravagant style ensures only the finest of furniture to furnish your luxe interior design settings. For colours, there is a myriad of choices. The most popular ones, however, are monochrome, rich plum shades, burgundy reds, and regal navy. For materials, you will be looking for furniture and accessories that are made from velvet, silky fabrics, glass, and brass. Luxe creates a light airy aesthetic and sets the mood for an elegant look.



With recent years, minimalist home interior design has been growing in popularity as many of us living busy lifestyles wish to pair things down to the basics. Ditching the unnecessary clutter to create a clean living space for ourselves can truly help us wind down after a hectic day of work even in bustling Singapore.

If you’re going back to basics and keeping it simple, minimalist furniture is for you! This is usually achieved through functional furniture, geometrical shapes, and a combination of colours of not more than two.



If you would like to experience the quality our Scandinavian furniture can offer, we would most definitely recommend dropping by our furniture store located 10 minutes from Singapore’s city centre.



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