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Most Luxurious Bed in Singapore

Like in any other urban city, sleep is highly important in Singapore. Coupling this with long, arduous work hours, Singaporeans are constantly stressed and exhausted. In the endeavor to help Singaporeans combat this pervasive issue, Danish Design Co has decided to introduce a luxury mattress / bed that does more than just look good in the bedroom.

If you are on the hunt for the best mattress in Singapore, your search has reached its end. At Danish Design Co, we represent the designer and luxury bed brand from faraway Sweden, Duxiana. The legendary DUX bed is the result of over 90 years of strenuous scientific research. Hence, it is unlike several other luxury beds or mattresses on the market.


This revolutionary designer bed has been designed to become a vehicle for well-being, where correct sleep posture and deeper sleep are the ultimate goals. The moment where you slip into slumber is the only time where your body can repair, rebuild and restore itself.

In addition, due to Duxiana’s ingenious in-built sleep technology, Singaporeans who are experiencing the following issues/conditions will benefit greatly from owning one of these luxury beds.

Lessen Your Back Pain

Dr Tan Kian Hian, director of the Pain Management Centre at Singapore General Hospital once said that nine in ten people will experience back pain in their lives. The implications are worsened in the event one’s back pain becomes chronic. To help alleviate the pain, our designer beds align the spine through dynamic contouring support. With the pascal system, these luxury beds can also be customized to the needs of an individual’s body. In effect, your body gains a consistent opportunity to heal. Hence, we believe that a Duxiana craft the best beds for back pain.

THE Mattress for Pregnancy

The DUX is the ideal pregnancy mattress and here is why. In urban Singapore, women face a lengthy list of life obstacles. Pregnancy is one of them. While becoming pregnant is in equal parts rewarding and stressful, the challenges faced in this period can result in insufficient sleep and back pain. As the foetus grows, the mother’s centre of gravity moves forward. Thus, she will naturally compensate for this by leaning backwards as she sleeps.


As a result, stress is placed upon the lower back muscles, resulting in debilitating back pain. A luxury DUX bed and its ingenious design will help counter these changes every step of the way, taking away any unnecessary stress on the pregnant woman’s body.

Other Singaporeans who may benefit from the world’s best mattress are those with sports injuries and insomnia.


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