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Outdoor Furniture

Bask under the Singapore sunshine with our luxury outdoor furniture – designed to be weather-proof, durable and so much more. Visit our furniture showroom today!

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Modern Outdoor Furniture

In Singapore, we are blessed with year-long sunshine and we will be remiss not to take advantage of it by lounging on our balcony in our free time. A comfortable and durable set of outdoor furniture is thus a necessity – a task we at Danish Design Co will be more than glad to help you with.

In recent times, design within the outdoor furniture industry has leapt to new heights. Unlike their predecessors, the outdoor furniture we retail are designed to not only be weatherproof, but also look gorgeous while sitting on your balcony or patio. In addition, our outdoor furniture can be designed to mirror the style of your indoor furniture, ensuring a visual continuity between your living room and balcony.

Outdoor Sofa Sets

We offer a wide range of outdoor sofa sets. Due to the various designs available, we have sofa sets that can accommodate areas as small as a balcony to spaces as large as a landed house’s patio. Of note, a fraction of our outdoor sofa set designs are sectional, meaning they can be pieced together like a puzzle and shifted around to meet the needs of guests during gatherings.

For a modern look, I would recommend the Newport Outdoor Sofa by Diphano.


Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Our outdoor loungers are the perfect choice for homeowners with limited space on their patio. Although not as big as their outdoor sofa cousins, these will be perfect for a single individual who intends to read a book while enjoying the cool breeze.

Outdoor Loungers

The outdoor loungers we offer are perfect for sunbathing on. One outdoor lounger that is most definitely worthy of mention is the Stingray Chair by Fredericia. Unlike your typical outdoor lounge, it also rocks! Of course, we offer the standing version as well.


Beautiful Outdoor Dining Tables & Chairs

Love steamboats and barbeques but dislike the smell it leaves on your indoor furniture? Then we most definitely recommend hosting such activities on your outdoor dining sets. Our outdoor dining table and chairs (which include both armless and stacking variants) come in an assortment of colours, making you spoilt for choice.


Beautiful Bar Furniture

A stunning set of outdoor bar furniture is exactly what you need to transform your outdoor patio into an ideal gathering spot for your many house guests.


Contemporary Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

A must-have companion to our outdoor sofa sets, Danish Design Co’s outdoor coffee and side tables is the perfect perch for your summer punches!

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