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Our Best-Selling Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Designs

At Danish Design Co, we’ve curated over 30 Scandinavian brands for customers who seek luxury furniture with unparalleled quality. Since we were established in 2006, our customers have continued placing their trust in us and the quality of our authentic, designer pieces. Here, we’ve curated the most popular items that our customers adored, and sharing these beautiful designs for you to peruse and hopefully gather inspiration from.

Timeless Designs

Our indoor furniture showroom that features iconic furniture from legendary designers by the likes of Børge Morgensen, Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl. With an expansive furniture showroom encompassing over 12,000 square feet, we offer an extensive range of authentic, Scandinavian furniture handcrafted in Europe, with pieces that will appeal to every design aficionado. Those with a discerning eye for well-crafted and well-designed furniture will find classic, timeless pieces to imbue their home with – where each piece is meticulously handcrafted with the use of sustainably-sourced and high quality materials, promising unparalleled quality and designs that will last generations.
For those seeking affordable luxury, we’ve curated a New Modern Collection with contemporary designs that are absolutely brimming with personality from the Danish furniture house: Bolia. They carry quite the Scandinavian-chic range of designer furniture that place an emphasis on innovation and design, with sustainable designs that are a visual treat.
Do peruse our curated product catalogues above for inspiration ideas for your home.

Invest in Beautifying Your Home

At Danish Design Co, our furniture pieces last years and even generations with the proper product care. If you’re keen on selecting investment furniture designs for your home, we recommend choosing designs that you love, and pieces that would complement your home’s decor.
A few key investment pieces in your home should include a timeless sofa, a statement lounge chair, a classic dining set, and a durable bed and mattress set, as these are pieces that you most often use in your home. All of these are available at Danish Design Co, and our expert and friendly sales staff would be able to help you create your dream home with stunning furniture that last.



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