What is a modular sofa at Danish Design Co like?


Finding a good quality sofa in Singapore is no longer a challenge. But pinpointing a designer sofa that fits into your living room perfectly? That is still as taxing as it has ever been. A possible answer to your conundrum would be a modular sofa. Modular sofas, with its many possible configurations, allow you to customise your sofa’s shape into whatever your heart desire. This is a boon for those spaces with awkward shapes. In addition, some of our modular sofas can be quickly reconfigured by the homeowners themselves, allowing them several seating possibilities during gatherings. A modular sofa would be particularly useful on such occasions as it encourages face-to-face conversations.


Based in Singapore, Danish Design Co is a ‘brand of brands’ and is committed to assisting you in your hunt for the perfect modular sofa for you.


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