Duxiana: The Revolutionary Bed That Can Change Your Life

Duxiana Luxury Bed - Danish Design Co Singapore

December 8, 2017

The DUX bed is more than just springs and cotton – it is also a vehicle for wellbeing. The scientists and craftsmen behind this legendary bed created the latter with the singular notion of achieving deeper sleep in mind. Why? The answer is simple but often forgotten. Sleep, an activity that takes up one-third of our lives, is the only time when one’s body can repair, rebuild and restore itself.


Here, one must differentiate between being asleep and deep sleep. Your body can only fully recharge itself if you achieve deep sleep for a significant amount of time. Whether you spend countless nights tossing and turning or suffer from debilitating back pain, DUX High-Performance Sleep Systems will help you obtain the rest and relief you deserve.


With over 90 years of research and development, we believe the DUX Bed is the world’s best bed. Here are the reasons why:


Deeper Sleep – The Holy Grail in a Singaporean’s Life



Singaporeans are not getting enough rest – that’s a fact. Early in 2017, The Straits Times reported that, according to a study done by SingHealth Polyclinics, four in ten people in Singapore obtain less than seven hours of rest per night on weekdays. If you are one of these individuals, the DUX bed might be the solution to your sleep problems.


Researchers from The Karolinska Institute, the prestigious medical university that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, investigated how sleeping on a range of mattresses affected the body and sleep quality. The results show that those who slept on a DUX Bed not only fell asleep more quickly but also remained in deep sleep for a longer period of time.


Keeps Your Spine in Line – Alleviating Back Pain



Suffering from back pain? The DUX Bed offers a non-invasive solution. This bed’s construct allows it to align your spine, leaving it to rest in its natural position. In effect, your weight will be distributed evenly, maximising circulation through the body. This is the only way your back can be completely relaxed, which then allows existing back pain to be alleviated.


High-Performance Materials – Continuous Coil Suspension



Reactive coils are the basis of any good bed. Of note, the spring system built within a DUX Bed is unparalleled in the luxury mattress industry and is known for its resilience, flexibility, and ability to support. To accomplish this, Duxiana uses specially milled, high tensile steel wire that measures over a mile long. A DUX Bed constitutes up to 4,180 interconnected springs that are designed to deliver maximum relief from pressure on your body.


In addition to these springs, slow-growth solid pine is used in the construction of DUX Beds, providing unbreakable support for the informed sleeper.


Customizable Support – The Pascal Cassette System ®



Duxiana’s patented Pascal Cassette System is yet another component in the DUX bed that no other bed has. Hidden beneath the bed surface are interchangeable cassettes of different spring tensions that can be fitted below three body zones – head, shoulders, and hips. This allows you to configure the parts to match the requirements of your individual body size and weight – and to change them as you enter different phases in life, such as pregnancy, old age or injury.


Adjustable Lumbar Support



Additional lumbar support, which is ideal for individuals with permanent or temporary conditions such as sports injuries and pregnancy, is provided in Duxiana’s 8008 model. Two removable levers allow the informed sleeper to increase the bed’s lumbar support (up to 1.5″) to what is necessary for them.


The Dux Component Strategy



Each component of the DUX Bed plays a role in providing optimum comfort. However, to cater to different body types, it stands to reason that a component can be removed if needed. For example, the top pad is not fastened to the bed and the dual spring bases on either side of the bed operate independently of each other. Every component can be replaced – some can even be upgraded. This results in a bed that can not only be restored if it experiences wear and tear but can also be improved with the release of technological innovations or new, quality accessories.


Dux – The Bed That Breathes



One might think that a bed stuffed with springs is the ideal bed. But this is a common misconception. The springs should be placed in a manner that promotes airflow, which not only takes away body heat (particularly important in Singapore) but also provides ventilation that reduces odors, fungus, and bacteria. The various covers produced by Duxiana also share these traits, helping the informed sleeper to maintain an allergen and mite-free sleeping environment.


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