The Spanish Chair: Celebrating Sixty Years of Furniture Excellence

Limited Edition Spanish Chair - Danish Design Co Singapore

September 19, 2018

The Chair’s Story

In 1958, Borge Mogensen dreamed about making a comfortable chair, which eventually blossomed into the Spanish Chair, and the rest is history. Though the Spanish Chair, inspired by the designs of master craftsmen from the medieval era, seems to have reached its golden years at sixty, the truth is—Mogensen’s charismatic masterpiece is timeless, and every furniture lover wants the Spanish Chair.


Character & Designlimited-edition-spanish-chair-3

One of the most intriguing aspects of the design is the worldview, which weaves function, form and materials, thereby giving the furniture archetype a life of its own. Since furnishings play such an important role in the lifestyle habits of people, it’s critical to propose furniture in harmony with the lifestyle characteristics of the patrons. The Spanish Chair has influences from cultural nuances in France, Scandinavia and the United States, which give the chair its captivating persona. Besides the design philosophy, the wonderful memories of patrons are also tied the modern version of the chair.


With a sturdy frame, the design accommodates numerous features for comfy seating. The backwards-tilting seat is naturally ergonomic, and the camber rest cuddles the backbone, urging the guest to relax just a bit longer. On the armrest, get creative and place your arms, accoutrements, or just about anything you fancy to make the most of your occasion on the chair. Choose from six choices of oak wood to match your lounging decor.


Spanish Chair in Olive Green Leatherlimited-edition-spanish-chair-2

As a tribute to one of the finest furniture creations, the Spanish Chair 2018 is a special edition memorabilia—it’s the only one featuring Olive Green saddle leather. Patrons who have owned the chair for decades marvel at the color scheme that matches even the most meticulously crafted interiors. We present you evidence from residential and office lounges, and the results speak for themselves.


Q&A with Rasmus Mogensenlimited-edition-spanish-chair-1

As part of the season-long celebration, the special edition Spanish Chair also features a conversation with Rasmus Mogensen, the grandson of the legendary craftsman. The Q&A covers Rasmus’ personal viewpoint on design and how it has impacted his life. In addition, it also details aspects about Borge Mogensen that was previously unknown. Rasmus’ journey in life thus far has clearly indicated how a passion for functionality can transcend generations.

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