Dine In Style — Five Fantastic Dining Table & Chair Pairs

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August 10, 2018

Dining with family and friends is in our cultural DNA as you may have noticed dining establishments in every nook and corner of Lion City. Setting and ambiance are the keys to a great experience, which could be engineered with excellent designer furniture. We’re happy to show you some dining table & chair pairings we’ve tried in our showroom.

Gubi & Beetle



The round Gubi dining table is perfect for enjoying long, intimate dinners. Made with only three parts, and available in fabric or leather upholstery, the Beetle-shell themed chair complements the designer table, and the two create a cozy dining experience for a fine meal after a busy day.



SM32 & Trinidad



If you need a little more space for your dinner parties, the extendable SM32 table can add color to your parties. With a light-shade philosophy of its own, the Trinidad chair is the ideal companion of the geometry-genius table. Choose from dark or light colors to match the space.



Lowlight & Pato


For a more formal environment, the Lowlight dining table with its soft curves, powder-coated dark steel frame and polished wooden top help create the perfect atmosphere for a serious get-together. Pair the table with Pato chairs, which are equally classy in white and smoked oak veneer finish.



Chess & Tiger



Featuring a white Corian wooden surface and oil-burned steel legs, the Chess table is for the modern residence or office. A unique characteristic of the Chess table is the butterfly leaf, right at the center, for special occasions. In folklore, there’s a saying, “A tiger never changes his stripes.” When you see the Tiger chair, you’ll see what this means for the chair made from wood and steel. We paired the two together, and the results are fabulous.


GM 7700 & Gubi 52



Choose the GM 7700 extendable table for a multi-purpose, futuristic theme. Featuring Corian white and wooden finishes, the GM 7700 looks good in any open space. For dinners with family, deploy the normal setting, and extend it by a hundred centimeters when friends or relatives show up, for a grand dinner.


Complete the dining set with the Gubi 52 chairs, which feature laminate molded 3D veneer or injection molded HiRek shells and a steel base. So, what do you think? If you fancy these pairs, we welcome you to visit us and see the stunning sets for yourself.

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