Scandinavian Furniture Meets Singaporean Open Concept Living

Scandinavian Style Storage and Sofa - Danish Design Co Singapore

August 16, 2018

Interior Designer Credits: Atelier Here


Open concept living is not just a trend, but one of the most elegant concepts in modern living. In the previous-gen design philosophy, the emphasis has been on interior décor with furnishings to create charming ambiances for wide-ranging lifestyle preferences.


Advanced construction techniques and engineering materials are contributing to the open concept living worldview, where the interior and exterior blend seamlessly, thereby creating stunning vistas. One of our patrons has taken this concept to enviable levels with an assortment of Scandinavian furniture. Check it out!


Living Area



Lounge on the Playtower Sofa, from where you could gaze into the picturesque environs, while enjoying an idyllic summer read, catching up with BFFs from the blissful school days, or spending quality time with your partner. It’s long enough for you to enjoy a siesta, during the hot midsummer afternoons.


Complement the sofa with a France Chair, where you could lounge late into the night if you can’t put away that romantic thriller. Paired with a contemporary coffee table, you can host all the accouterments you need for a leisurely evening—honey green tea, tablet, iPhone and munchies—or use it as a footrest, like an ottoman.





The king-sized Duxiana Bed helps create the perfect getaway you’ve been looking forward to, for rejuvenation, after the year-long project that seemed to stretch on endlessly, or as a retreat for a good night’s rest after work. Placed against the wall featuring a wooden cabinet, the bed blends with the decor. In the stunning bedroom, dream away under the starry skies, where aliens, shooting stars, and heavenly formations remind us how we’ll fit together perfectly in the time-space continuum.


Study Area



Place the Pato Chair at the window for a makeshift working area, where you can catch up on some late-night reading, do early-morning messaging, or perform light work. For the compact area, the window-desk-chair pairing is an innovation that helps make great use of the space, while not cluttering the room. For lighting, the Grasshoppa Table Lamp directs light to the reading area or the bed for easy reading.


Have you tried Scandinavian furniture for open concept living? Please tell us about your experience. We’d love to see what you’ve done with the décor, and please let us know if you need help selecting designer furniture for your open concept home.


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