3 Amazing Ways a Height Adjustable Table Helps You Improve Work Productivity

Height adjustable tables have grown in popularity in the office, including home offices where a lot of us spent time working during the COVID-19 pandemic period, and even now too.


This growing popularity in height adjustable tables is rightly so too, as they enable a hassle-free change of working posture, from standing to sitting, and back again. The slight investment in a height adjustable table pays off as the benefits it offers are numerous, of which some include increasing your work productivity, and promoting better posture and health. 


This week, in our latest blog post at Danish Design Co, we’ll be sharing 3 significant advantages of using a height adjustable work desk.


1. A Height Adjustable Table Improves Mental Activity


We spend hours concentrating on work in a regular work day, and that includes making important decisions, of which some require to be made quickly. To ensure business decisions are made well, our minds need to remain focussed and alert. 


A height adjustable table helps in this regard, and a recent study published just this year in August 2022 by the University of Leicester, has found that when participants used a standing desk, they reported feeling more energised, focused and productive when they spent part of their working day standing.


A height adjustable table is therefore of great advantage if you have to work in a very concentrated manner for hours on end, and it allows for faster, higher-quality decision-making processes, even at the end of a long, tiring working day. 


2. A Height Adjustable Desk Enables Better Collaboration


Increased standing when working enables improved interaction and engagement, allowing for a more collaborative working environment. Another study published in 2015 by the Texas A&M University found that participants communicated more efficiently when standing compared to sitting. 


A height adjustable table allows you to alternate between standing and sitting without having to leave your immediate workspace, and also helps in increasing blood flow and stimulating energy levels. When you’re engaged whilst working, it will also help with your overall creativity and productivity. 


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3. A Height Adjustable Table Promotes Better Posture


We know that by nature, the human body functions best when it moves. This might prove difficult when most of us spend the week working during the day. If we spend too many hours in a stationary sitting position, it can lead to muscle stiffening, or joint wear and tear. 


Frequent position change is recommended, where you alternate between standing and sitting, and a height adjustable table encourages this. If you are new to a height adjustable desk, it is recommended to gradually ease yourself into it by standing 60-90 minutes each day at first, then increasing your standing time based on your comfort. 


A height adjustable table also allows you to maintain a healthy spine, and helps to reduce upper back, shoulder, and neck discomfort. Another aspect to note is that you should also consider the tilt angle of your monitor – your eyes should be positioned a little above your monitor, with the level aligned with the top of the screen. 


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