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While some people like a different color scheme for each area, using a consistent color scheme across your house can help it appear more designed. Using color to connect places that are divided by closing doors can help promote better flow to your overall space of your home. Additionally, the color harmony between your living spaces can also influence the overall décor if you can see from one room into another, like in open floor plans or combined entry and living areas.


Colors that are connected to one another pull the eye from one room to the next and create visual continuity, yet using unrelated colors in adjacent rooms might make the house feel like a disjointed sequence of rooms. You can checkout our top brands with colorful and ever-growing colour collections to make your colourful dreams come to life.


butterfly sofa eilersen sofa - danish design co singapore


Scandinavian design is greatly influenced by minimalism, functionality, and character, and Eilersen supports this idea. Additionally, we want to create and market a unique collection of Nordic designs that not only improves the owner’s lifestyle and surroundings but also adds to them. Online quality tests are not possible. Even trying it out in a store is challenging. After several years of use, true quality becomes apparent. In every product we produce, Eilersen combines the greatest components with a proud legacy of craftsmanship. Their enduring quality conveys itself clearly.


string pocket system - danish design co singapore


The String system has stuck to its fundamental concept to this day is what makes it such a marvel of design with stunning colour options. Nisse Strinning’s legacy was assumed by the firm that manufactures it today, “String Furniture,” in 2005, and they have built on his design work totally in his spirit.


Just in time for the Helsingborg Design Fair in 2006, soon before Strinning passed away, the pre-configured String Pocket shelf, the String shelving system’s younger sister, joined the world-famous classic. This attractive, somewhat delicate design, which comes in a variety of variations, is ideal for any room in your house.


montana furniture - danish design co singapore


Colors are so much more than just colors: they can convey mood, atmosphere, and identity. Colors play a central role in influencing and motivating Montana’s designs. All the possibilities you could ever imagine are available to you with 42 colors and countless combination options. Since 1982, the family-run Montana Furniture has offered specialized storage options to many generations. Peter J. Lassen, who also developed the modular Montana System, founded the Danish high-end furniture business. Joakim Lassen, Peter’s son and the sixth generation of his family to work in the furniture industry (and the great-grandson of Fritz Hansen, the company’s founder), is currently in charge of running it. The color scheme for Montana changes every eight years. Our current color scheme was developed in conjunction with Margrethe Odgaard, a color expert. 


gubi beetle chair - danish design co singapore


Gubi established a distinctive reputation for themselves in the global design scene as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with. Their revolutionary designs are driven by their ambition to unearth overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the development. They have expanded their presence in Singapore that offers a wide selection of premium Scandinavian furniture design companies that feature items with that beloved mid-century modern charm. With their iconic and creative prints and colours, Gubi would certainly be able to fit into any rooms in your home. They constantly challenge the design norms to craft gems that are one of a kind while also meeting the key components of design. The design pieces entail traveling, looking for long-lost artifacts from the past, as well as modern, cutting-edge designs from upcoming artists.


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