Furniture Singapore Online: Discover Timeless & Elegant Scandinavian Furniture

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic Scandinavian designer furniture with Danish Design Co Singapore’s furniture online store, Our curated selection offers a wide range of exquisite pieces that will elevate the style and elegance of your home. In this blog post, we will explore the finest furniture categories available, featuring luxurious sofas from Eilersen and Gubi, iconic dining chairs from Carl Hansen & Søn, and exquisite dining tables from Skovby and Gubi.  We’re a one-stop furniture shop where you can also find functional and opulent storage furniture from Andersen complemented by stunning lighting options from Gubi and Northern.


Luxurious Sofas Hand-crafted to Last

baseline sofa by eilersen - danish design co singapore

Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication with our selection of luxurious sofas. Eilersen is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, premium materials, and attention to detail. Their sofas, such as the timeless Great Lift Sofa and the cozy Play Tower Sofa, feature high-quality upholstery and ergonomic designs that offer a perfect balance of style and comfort. Gubi, on the other hand, combines contemporary aesthetics with classic elements, resulting in stunning pieces like the iconic Croissant Sofa and the elegantly curved Basket Sofa. These brands bring a touch of luxury to your living spaces, providing a haven of relaxation and style.


Iconic Dining Chairs

ch24 by carl hansen & son - danish design co singapore

Impress your guests with iconic dining chairs that embody the essence of Scandinavian design. Carl Hansen & Søn is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to timeless classics. The CH24 Wishbone Chair, designed by Hans J. Wegner, showcases the perfect balance between elegance and functionality with its signature Y-shaped backrest and woven seat. Naver offers elegant and contemporary dining chairs like the Tiger Chair, featuring a sleek silhouette and luxurious upholstery options. In contrast, Gubi presents a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design in chairs like the Beetle Chair, characterized by its distinctive shape and wide range of upholstery choices. These iconic dining chairs will elevate your dining experience with their impeccable design and superior comfort.


Opulent Lighting

multi-lite pendant by gubi - danish design co singapore

Lighting is a crucial element in creating the right ambiance in your home. Gubi offers a wide selection of lighting options that blend functionality and aesthetics effortlessly. Their multi-functional Gräshoppa Floor Lamp combines retro charm with contemporary styling, while the elegant Multi Lite Pendant Light adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Northern, a brand known for its innovative and contemporary lighting designs, presents statement pieces like the Acorn Pendant Light, inspired by nature’s own design. From pendant lights to floor lamps, the lighting collections from Gubi and Northern provide the perfect balance of functionality and artistic expression, illuminating your spaces with grace and beauty.


Functional and Stylish Storage Furniture

S3 sideboard by andersen - danish design co singapore

Storage furniture doesn’t have to compromise on style. Andersen and Naver offer functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that seamlessly integrate into your home. Andersen’s S3 Sideboard combines clean lines with natural materials, creating a contemporary storage piece with ample space for your belongings. Naver’s stunning AK 2730 Cabinet features a combination of wood and metal, providing a versatile storage solution that exudes modern elegance. These brands prioritize both form and function, offering storage furniture that enhances your interior design while keeping your space organized.


Exquisite Dining Tables

sm33 by gubi - danish design co singapore

Dining tables are the heart of any home, where family and friends gather to create lasting memories. Skovby specializes in creating functional and stylish dining tables that adapt to your needs. Their innovative extension mechanisms allow for seamless expansion, ensuring you have ample space for guests. The Skovby SM33 Dining Table showcases a sleek design with clean lines, while the Skovby SM116 Dining Table embraces the warmth of wood in a modern form. Not forgetting Naver’s dining tables, like the elegant GM2112 Dining Table and Carl Hansen & Søn‘s sculptural BM1160 Hunting Dining Table, combine exquisite craftsmanship with distinctive aesthetics, making them the focal point of your dining area. These dining tables represent the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, inviting you to gather around in style.



Elevate the style and elegance of your Singapore home with authentic Scandinavian designer furniture from Danish Design Co Singapore’s online store. Each brand offers a unique blend of craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics, and functional design, ensuring that every piece transforms your living spaces into havens of style and sophistication. Explore the beauty of Scandinavian design and create a home that truly reflects your personal style.

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