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December 17, 2022

Planning your living room area could be overwhelming with wide options in the market. For various people, living rooms have diverse uses. Some homes utilize them as the primary family gathering place, while others use them more as a showroom and just when guests are over. When trying to arrange the furniture in a living room, a few problems often arise. Take a look at these suggestions for furnishing your living room.



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These are frequently the most expensive pieces, therefore it’s crucial that they complement the room. Before purchasing any of these items, it is crucial to measure the space. The best course of action is to create a floor plan in advance because you don’t want them to be overly huge or small. On a sheet of graph paper, draw the room with all the necessary measurements. Check out a few different locations for the sofa and chairs to see which ones work best visually and in terms of leaving room for traffic flow.


Our designer sofas are the pinnacle of relaxation, excellence, and durability. These luxury sofas were made by professional European furniture makers, so they unquestionably live up to the high standards of quality. Enjoy our highly modular sofas with a large selection of fabric sofas, leather sofas, corner sofas, and chaise lounges.



Corona Lounge Chair - Design History Behind Accent Lounge Chairs that Inspire

Think on the lounge chair’s design and how it will best serve its intended purposes. While more horizontally oriented loungers offer flexibility and more peaceful sitting, high backs provide privacy in a living area and good head and neck support. When positioned in the middle of a space, design-focused pieces will provide extra flair. Darker woods and colors can provide drama and presence to larger areas. Lighter-colored upholstery and matching furnishings can provide the appearance of more space in smaller spaces.


Many of our remarkable lounge chair designs have had success that has lasted for years or even decades after their debut. Such masterpieces represent a lifetime investment rather than a simple purchase. Renowned European designers created our chaise lounges. Award-winning designers like Borge Mogensen and Finn Juhl are among those on the list, but they are not the only ones. We are happy to display them here at our showroom in Singapore.



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Coffee tables are essential furnishings that are frequently positioned in the middle of conversation rooms. Keep in mind that the height should be just a little bit lower than the seat heights of the chairs and sofas nearby. Additionally, the table should be between one-half and two-thirds as long as the sofa. You might try utilizing a few smaller tables or benches to create the similar look if you don’t want to utilize a coffee table. Just be cautious that they are not too little. People seated nearby ought should be able to lean over to set a drink down or pick one up without getting up from their seat.


The elegant coffee and side tables we offer are carved by highly-skilled craftsmen from Europe, much like the rest of our assortment of designer furniture. Each masterpiece captures the luscious Scandinavian charm that we all like flawlessly. Choose a straightforward tabletop for your cappuccino or spend more on creative designs that cleverly incorporate useful storage places within its construction.



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The TV console you choose should compliment the space and your overall aesthetic. You wouldn’t want a piece that starkly contrasts with the color of your sofa, drapes, or walls. Next, the material and aesthetic of your TV console should match that of the other furniture items. In other words, the furniture should appear to have been purchased as a whole, not separately, from the TV.

Wood, processed wood, and metal are the materials that have been used the longest.

Avoid experimenting with any other fanciful materials that could endanger your television.



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Area rugs are a fantastic way to designate seating areas, but the most common error in the living room is to use one that is too small. Keep in mind that every piece of furniture needs to be able to sit comfortably on the carpet. If there isn’t enough room, make sure that the front legs of any sizable upholstered furniture are at least touching the carpeting.

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