To Match or To Mismatch? Here’s How You Can Select Your Designer Dining Chair Sets

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February 20, 2023

When choosing dining chairs, you have a variety of choices, including matching chairs, chairs mixed with benches, and a complete combination where no two chairs are alike. You can give your dining area an edge by using mismatched dining chairs to add color and dash of flair to your home.


Unique chair combinations can give any space a ton of personality with subtle designer flair. But with so many possibilities for this interior style, it can be difficult to know where to begin. A dining table with an intentional mix of beautifully contrasting chairs serves as a bespoke elegance. Finding the right balance is crucial – we’ve compiled our best tips on how you can carry off the mismatched dining chair trend.


1. Mismatched Chair BUT with the Same Height

dining chair matching - danish design co singapore

Seat height is among the most crucial factors to take into account. You don’t want your visitors to be uncomfortably rocking back and forth while they are at your event. You are free to mix and combine any styles you like, provided that every chair is the same height so that your dinner guests are all at the same level.


2. Mismatch Paired Designs

By selecting pairs, you can effectively mix and match dining chairs. This enables you to symmetrically pair various components while achieving an appealing appearance. For a casual appearance, you could mix or place a separate pair of chairs around the table. Focusing on pairs is the ideal way to nail this trend because mismatched furniture should be having a discussion, not a fight.


3. Colour Choices

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When it comes to the trend of mismatched chairs, there are many different colors to take into account. You can choose a combination of many soft, subtle colors or, for a truly eclectic design, go big with bright, clashing hues.


Keeping your color palette constant is an alternative. Using a variety of chairs with unique features but sticking to the same color scheme is a good idea. This is a terrific approach to use different materials and silhouettes while yet maintaining an intended design. Using mismatched chairs in your room is a terrific approach to create a unique interior design that no one else will have, regardless of the color scheme you choose.


4. Add a Bench On One Side

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The mismatched chair style might be introduced with the growing use of bench sitting around dining tables. You may think about utilizing a chair in the same design as the one opposite the bench or perhaps choosing contrasting seats for the head of the table to add some regularity. Benches are a flexible method to change up your seating; for added comfort, you could even have the bench upholstered.


5. You Can Never Go Wrong With Wood

dining chair matching - danish design co singapore

A traditional appearance that integrates the mismatched dining chair style can be achieved by mixing wood and upholstered chairs. A great idea to give your dining area a custom design is to use chairs with various linens and materials. Your feature chairs may speak for itself thanks to the wood chairs’ muted tones, which contributes to the delicate eclectic interior design.


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