Smart Designer Lighting That Will Transform Your Décor

gubi multi-lite pendant lamo

August 11, 2018

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Light and shade are the Yin and Yang of illumination that creates our visual experience. We have the most beautiful collection of lighting products to enhance your décor for different occasions. In this blog post, we feature five lamps for your home or office.


Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp


Contrary to the previous tradition of repeating elements in the design, Louis Weisdorf’s Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp is a delightful eccentricity. As if playing with a Rubik’s Cube, rotate the two shades to achieve a myriad assemblage of lighting schemes, which can be directed upwards, downwards or asymmetrically.


Acorn Pendant Lamp



Inspired by nature, Atle Tveit designed the Acorn Pendant Lamp specifically for creating intimate spaces. If you enjoy spending time in bars, cafes and restaurants, you know the déjà vu feeling. Set up the designer lighting in your home or private office to create a personal space for you to sink into, when you’re in need of some me time!


Bell Pendant Lamp


If your style is of the artsy bent, look no further, because Mark Braun’s Bell Pendant Lamp is perfect for your decor. Available in a series, the lamp includes matt and shiny, colorful porcelain surfaces, which are in complete contrast to the inner white porcelain surfaces. The design mimics the Scandinavian outdoors, which include colorful rocks and plants, and can transform your décor to resemble the bright colorful outdoors.


Birdy Floor Lamp



Birger Dahl pioneered Scandinavian lighting with award-winning designs including the Birdy Floor Lamp. Considered modernist, the innovation made brilliant use of advanced materials and color schemes when it first launched in 1952, but the design looks innovative even today. Choose from off-white or matte grey, and satin nickel or brass metal to create a classy environment for your bedroom, study or living area.


Grasshoppa Table Lamp



Greta Grossman, the prolific designer, lit up our interior decor with some stunning creations. One of her iconic inventions is the Grasshoppa lamp, which has an elongated conical shade, mounted on a brass stand through a moveable joint. Available in four colors, to match the décor, the light can be directed to a particular area with minimal glare.


Closing Notes…

Doesn’t it feel like magic, to change the mood of your décor with brilliant designer lighting solutions? Please let us know what you think. If you’re not convinced yet, we challenge you to come to our Singapore showroom and check them out.