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Care and maintenance instructions for the different materials on your Massimo Copenhagen designer rugs and carpets.

Massimo Copenhagen produces designer rugs that are beautiful, functional and long-lasting. With the right amount of care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your designer rugs. Please note that Massimo Copenhagen’s product warranty is only valid when the proper care and maintenance have been followed as per the instruction guide.


Massimo Product Care for Designer Fabric and Textile Rugs - Danish Design Singapore




Daily Cleaning

Frequently vacuum clean the carpet – when it is new as it will produce and shed fluff for a period of time. Always vacuum in the direction of the pile and not with the brush down. We recommend you don’t use a robotic vacuum cleaner. 


Stain Removal

Use a clean white cotton cloth and dab the area immediately to prevent stains penetrating into the carpet. Sprinkle water on to the stain and dab again with a white cotton cloth. If the stain has not lifted we recommend getting the rug cleaned by a professional. 


Important note: Never clean with chemicals. 


Maintenance of your Fabric / Textile Rug

Turning the rug around twice a year avoids uneven wear to the fibres e.g. sections of the rug that have had heavy furniture standing. Colours may fade if an area is exposed to strong sunlight for a period of time. Use an underlay carpet to prevent the risk of backside staining. 


Press marks formed by furniture may be removed by gently brushing the spot with a cotton cloth or using a steam iron but never use the steam iron directly on the rug. When using heavier furniture on the rug, these press marks may be harder to remove. 




Massimo Product Care for Designer Leather Rugs - Danish Design Singapore




Daily Cleaning

Vacuuming with a parquet floor brush will pick up dirt and prevent scratches. 


Check regularly for stains and remove them with a moist, clean microfibre cloth. Refer to the guide below on removing stains for leather rugs. 


Massimo Product Care for Designer Leather Rugs - Danish Design Singapore 2


Weekly Cleaning 

Wipe the rug with a moist cloth or mop at least once a week after vacuuming. Always use a clean mop or microfibre cloth. 

If the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for a longer period of time, apply leather conditioner to avoid the leather from drying out.

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