Corsini & Ruiz Millet

Corsini & Ruiz Millet



Barba Corsini (1916-2008) & Joaquim Ruiz Millet (1955 – ) both created the Pedrera Lamps, a modern classic. Barba Corsini was internationally acclaimed functionalist architect and drew inspiration from German architect, Mies van der Rohe and American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He thought Finnish architecture to be the finest in Europe, praising the style for its simplicity. His Pedrera series focused on ‘powerful simplicity’ that was greatly influenced by the style above-mentioned.


Joaquim Ruiz Millet was Corsini’s protege and works as a gallery owner, cultural agitator, curator of exhibitions, and editor of books and design objects. He discovered the great floor lamp (PD2) and rescued it from being thrown away in 1991, during the renovation of La Pedrera. His mentor ship under Corsini only started when he contacted Barba Corsini to relaunch the original designs.

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