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Designer Kasper Salto and architect Thomas Sigsgaard started their collaboration in 2003 and have been working together as partners in their Copenhagen based studio ever since. This dynamic duo approaches each of their designs by first identifying a problem and finding the best possible way to resolve it through design. Salto was originally a cabinetmaker before qualifying as a designer and Sigsgaard spent several years working for Vilhelm Laruitzen Architects before their partnership in 2003.


Salto & Sigsgaard mainly worked with lighting design and started getting recognition when they won a prize for their furniture designs for the UN headquarters in New York. This comprised of new tables and the “Council Chair”. In 2013, Salto & Sigsgaard designed the Guest Chair for Montana, a chair that could be stored away on a shelf to save space. Within 6 seconds, a comfortable guest chair can be unfolded to accommodate any company who drop in .

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