Thomas Pedersen

Thomas Pedersen



Danish designer Thomas Pedersen is an unconventional designer and his many unusual designs set themselves apart from the use of material and construction technique. He references historical designs and draws inspiration from an area with plenty of surrounding water – his hometown in Aarhus, Denmark. This innovative designer is, however, still rooted to his Danish tradition and his designs follow a functional starting point. Pedersen places his furniture design priorities on suiting the needs and forms of the human body.


Pedersen’s most notable works with Fredericia begun when he presented Stingray in 2002. The unorthodox shape and bold design caught the eyes of many and a wooden version of Stingray was consequently released in 2008. This design was produced using the world’s largest 3D-veneer press and earned this collaboration the highly regarded 2008/2009 Danish Design Prize. Since then, the Icicle Tables designed by Pedersen for Fredericia have also received international recognition, becoming Danish design modern classics.

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