Benches and Stools

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Benches and Stools

Imbue your home with style with our exclusive benches and stools. Visit our showroom in Singapore to experience the quality of our exclusive furniture!


FROM $446.00

Designed by Salto & Sigsgaard for Montana

FROM $1,622.00

Designed by Vera & Kyte for Bolia

FROM $5,854.00

Designed by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia

Dining Benches

Just not a fan of dining chairs? Then perhaps a dining bench might be the seating solution that you are looking for. But be warned – locating the right design might be a tricky affair as you will have to match the table’s length to the length of the dining bench. However, if you manage to identify the perfect match, the look you achieve will be both stunning and unique. In our range of dining benches, a customer favourite is the Mogensen Bench by Fredericia, a timeless design that is steeped in history.



Stools are another seating option. They serve best in situations where having a backing is more restrictive than supportive. One intriguing design we offer is the Gallery Stool, which is a sculptural marvel that was initially designed for admiring art in galleries, hence its name. Another fascinating (and space-saving) model is the Guest Stool. Its single leg can be packed into its cushion, allowing homeowners to save a surprising amount of space.


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