T1 Dining Table

Excellence in Scandinavian Design

Tabletop available in Laminate and linoleum; Comes in 2 versions; Fixed Table top and Extendable


The T1 dining table is one of Bykato’s classic design that is able to adapt to any type of interior design setting that a modern home possesses. The lustrous quality of the tabletops high pressure laminate and solid wood legs emits elegance along with its precision in detail carved into the wood. The versatility of this piece comes into play as it can be used as a fixed table top and an extendable table. There is no doubt that the T1 dining table creates a relaxed ambiance to dine in with family and friends.It has also claimed a prestigious design award given by the Wallpaper magazine.


The T1 Dining Table is a magnificent piece of design that pairs well with the Yksi Dining Chair by Fredericia.


Andersen Furniture

Andersen was founded in the 1916 and produces furniture from the heart that is of everlasting quality. This furniture company places emphasis on design and strongly believes in its passion and craftsmanship.


Safety & Warranty Information

A 2 year warranty is offered for all of Andersen’s designer furniture.


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W88 x L160 x H72.5 cm
(extension for 3 leaves)
W95 x L180/220cm x H72.5 cm
(extension for 3 leaves)
W180/220cm x L95cm x H72.5 cm
(fixed table top)
W240/295cm x L110cm x H72.5 cm
(fixed table top)


The extension leaves measures at 50 cm each.


The tabletop-laminate/solid wood available in
E.g (Alpino,Capri, Clementine, Dali, Diamond Black, Doeskin, Iron, Ocean, Grey, Pale gold, Pale olive, silver oak, white oil oak, oil oak,smoked, oil oak soap.)


The tabletop- linoleum is available in black.


The base solid wood is available in black and various shades of brown.



Bykato was founded in 2010 by Karl Rossell and Tonny Glismand. Their aim is to diminish the differences between commercial, industrial design and good craftsmanship.


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