Heat Pendant Lamp

Minimalistic & Scandinavian Lighting Solutions

Dynamic and Eye catching


The Heat Pendant Lamp started out as a shining piece of brass mesh before being transformed by mesh artist Johanna Forsberg into what resembles a glowing ball of fire. When the lamp is turned off, the shade gives off a ‘cloud-like’ appearance. These unique and contrasting looks from the single Heat Lamp creates a form of dynamism in any space and is an undisputed lovechild of passionate imagination and innovative design craft.



Northern Lighting is a Norwegian furniture design company that is known for their laid-back luxury and contemporary edge style.


Safety & Warranty Information

All furniture pieces purchased from Northern Lighting come with a warranty of 12 months. This warranty covers any manufacturing or material defects.


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Steel mesh artist Johanna Forsberg is known for her many sculptural creations with steel mesh and loves playing around with different kinds of materials.